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RESTF00D – специализирующийся на инновационных системах продаж поставщик  профессиональных продуктов питания в сегмент HoReCa.

Экономьте время и ресурсы при закупках с RESTF00D – лучшие предложения во всех категориях продуктов в одном месте.
С нами - выгодно!
Удобный автоматизированный сервис для партнеров!
Заказ в 2 клика! Мгновенная коммуникация о событиях на всех этапах поставок. Доступная аналитика в личном кабинете, история продаж, онлайн остатки и цены, быстрая навигация по вашей матрице товара.
Free Joomla Template

Наши возможности

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    The template is not based on any framework. It's clean and simple for quick implementation & comes loaded with a powerful admin backend for easy customization. No coding required.
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    Два способа заказа

    To jumpstart your imagination, we have included 4 different home page variants viz. Business, Magazine, Corporate and Landing page (Onepage with sticky menu). More layouts would be added in the coming versions, for now these layouts should get you started.
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    Полная автоматизация

    The Free Joomla template is fully responsive and uses the default Joomla! Bootstrap 2.3.2. Why? (Scroll down to FAQ section for answer). Outstanding look and feel in all responsive layouts: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.
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    Доступно из любой точки мира

    Tweaking css elements is a breeze with realtime preview right in the backend. Customize layouts with clicks. JA Simpli ships with a intuitive Admin panel with special focus on basic Joomla users. Its fun to play around.

Наши возможности и технологии

Электронный заказ, отчетность, личный кабинет, и др...

No Framework

No Framework

To keep the template clean, lightweight, easy to use and customize, we decided not to use any Framework for the template.

Bootstrap 2 integration

Bootstrap 2 integration

Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework, it will be extramently helpful for web development and content building based on tons of premade markups.



JA Simpli is built with LESS - a dynamic style sheet language, once development is done, it is complied to CSS, that means you can develop with CSS or LESS.

Font Awesome 4.6

Font Awesome 4.5

The integration of the latest Font Awesome version - v4.5 allows you to add any font Awesome icon by adding the class like: fa fa-home.

Flexible layout system

Flexible layout system

JA Simply supports multiple layouts by default, they are standard layouts: 3 columns, 2 column and 1 colum with boxed or full width style.

Theme customizer

Theme Customizer Tool

The magic tool helps user customize style and other elements in your website based on predefined parameters in real time. What you do is what you see.

Powerful Layout configuration

Powerful Layout configuration

Customizing layout is just simple with JA Simpli, the layout configuration with lots of option built-in help you build layout your ways with ease.

Custom Code

Custom Code

No need to look for correct files to add scripts like Google Analytics code, all are implemented as fields in admin panel. Just add scripts to the tags you want: <head>, <body>.

More features

More feature...

  • Sticky Menu
  • Compatible with most popular 3rd extensions
  • Intuitive admin panel
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Удобный сервис заказа

Используйте собственную учетную систему и ЭДО для осуществления заказов и контроля всей
цепочки поставки.

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Качественный личный кабинет

Доступная аналитика в личном кабинете, история продаж, онлайн остатки и цены, быстрая навигация по вашей матрице товара.

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